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Tips from Taylor – How to Apply “The Taylor Swift Effect” to your Professional Life

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Admittedly, I am not Taylor Swift’s biggest fan, nor am I an NFL die-hard. But, like many of you, I tuned into the Super Bowl back in February – eagerly watching her reactions from the VIP suite. And I couldn’t help but ask myself, why?

Regardless of my own personal feelings about Taylor Swift, there is no argument that she seems to have the whole world in the palm of her hand. In the landscape of contemporary pop culture, few figures have wielded as much influence over the discourse of female empowerment as Taylor Swift. Through her music and actions, she has catalyzed what many have come to call “The Taylor Swift Effect” – a phenomenon that inspires women to assert their voices, pursue their dreams, and challenge societal norms. This got me thinking – how can we apply “The Taylor Swift Effect” to our professional lives? I considered the following –


Authenticity & Vulnerability

The same way Taylor bears her heart and soul in her songwriting, we too can benefit from being honest about our own triumphs and tribulations. As leaders, by embracing our imperfections and owing our narrative, we can (hopefully) inspire others to do the same.


Redefining Femininity

One of Taylor Swift’s most powerful contributions has been her ability to reshape perceptions of femininity and strength. In an industry often criticized for its objectification of women, Swift has reclaimed agency over her image and career, refusing to be constrained by narrow stereotypes or expectations. By doing so, she has paved the way for women in music to demand equal treatment, recognition, and compensation. Why shouldn’t we be able to do the same in the legal industry?



Taylor has, without a doubt, solidified herself as a champion of female empowerment. She has down so two-fold – by donating to charitable causes and through her vocal advocacy of women’s rights. By amplifying the voices of marginalized communities and speaking out against injustice, we too can inspire ourselves and those around us to become agents of positive change in their own communities.

Ultimately, the so-called “Taylor Swift Effect” represents far more than the influence of a single person – it is a testament to the power of authenticity and female solidarity. As we all continue to navigate the complexities of working in the legal industry, maybe we can draw on inspiration from Taylor Swift with an aim to create a more inclusive, equitable, and empowered environment for all women.


About the Author

Alexa is the Director of Marketing at Harper Grey.  She serves as the Treasurer of LiL and is also a member of LiL’s Coordination Commitee where she assists with content development, event organization and all other things LiL! She is active in the legal community and  is the President of the BC Legal Management Association (BCLMA). Passionate about mentorship and inclusion, Alexa is keen to expand the association’s membership to include the next generation of legal leaders in BC.

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