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Life as an articling student is exciting, but it can also be challenging. Our latest LiL initiative was created with women articling students in mind to help them thrive as they navigate the transition between the life of a law student and that of a new associate. LiL Leaders, typically associates whose experience as students is still fresh in their minds, are available to support you and answer your questions.

Let us lighten the load for you a bit…go ahead, we can’t wait to hear from you!

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Our Latest Student Posts:


“Dear LiL: I’m a fresh articling student and I’m feeling intimidated by my competition. What do they have that I don’t and how do I prove myself?” Signed ~ Let the Hunger Games Begin (read it here)

by Jaeda Lee


“Dear Lil – how did you decide over the articling year what area(s) of law you wanted to practice?” Signed ~ So Many Options (read it here)

by Jessica Wilson


“Dear LiL: Can you give some advice for an articled student who wasn’t kept on as an associate in a large law firm environment during COVID and how to navigate this? I am feeling imposter syndrome and burnout from networking.” Signed ~ What Now? (read it here)

By Emilie LeDuc


“Dear LiL: I will be starting my articles soon and I am very nervous. I don’t know what to expect. Do you have any advice for me starting my articles at the tail-end of the pandemic?” Signed ~ Searching for Guidance (read it here)

By Karina Alibhai


“Dear LiL – I have to argue my first chambers application next week and I am really, really nervous. How did you overcome nerves at your first court appearance, and do you have any suggestions for success?” Signed ~ Nervous Nelly (read it here)

by Mollie Clark


An Introduction to the LiL Articling Student Life Initiative (read it here)

by Emilie LeDuc


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