For Women in Law By Women in Law

The pandemic has added another layer of stress for women lawyers and many of you are struggling with the added pressures.

When it becomes overwhelming sometimes all you want to do is scream or cry or laugh – or all three!

You are not alone. We get it. We’ve done it!  While letting loose didn’t fix anything it sure made us feel better, and we figured it might make other women in law feel better too.

Meet the LiL Roar Line – a safe, private, non-judgmental way for you to express your frustration, anxiety, anger, loneliness or whatever else you are experiencing in the moment. You can call the line at any time of day or night to leave any kind of message you want, even if it is just to yell or scream.

When you call the LiL Roar Line, your call is immediately forwarded to an answering machine. Your phone number is not visible to us nor is it ever stored. The only thing stored are your messages which we’ll be reviewing regularly to get a better sense of the types of issues women in law are facing. (This will be the one time you’ll be glad someone didn’t return your call!)

So – take a step back from the brink and call 1.877.552.1096 or click the button below, wait for the beep and let it out. You can thank us later!*

let loose here

*The LiL Roar Line is not a crisis line. If you require emergency assistance or support, please call 911 or the National Suicide Hotline 1-800-784-2433.

If you want to connect with a LiL advisor during business hours, please click here.


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