For Women in Law By Women in Law

We Will Do Better. We Will Take Action. We Will Advocate for Real Change.

We believe in equal rights for everyone and the racially driven events of recent times in both Canada and the US weigh heavily on us. It is not enough to say that we stand in solidarity with the fight against racism – we must raise our voice and take active steps to challenge systemic racism and discrimination, and to impact positive change. While we continue to work on building a clear, intentional and sustainable plan to support racial equality and fight racism in all of its forms, we cannot wait another day to begin our efforts.

Today, we commit to doing better. We will listen and we will learn. We will use our Life in Law platform to amplify the message against racism. To provide access to resources and ways to get informed and involved. To encourage ongoing dialogue around the issues of inequality, bias, prejudice and exclusion. We will take action and be accountable.

We will do better.

Keep an eye on our blog for more details about the concrete steps that Life in Law will be taking to actively support and lift marginalized individuals and groups.

Kim & Una


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