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LiL Round Up – Our Top 5 Blog Posts from January – April 2022!

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Check out our top 5 blog posts from January – April including insights from Jennifer Woznesensky, Roshni Veerapen, Erin Hatch, Una Radoja and Kim Jakeman, QC.


1. Equal Pay for Equal Work Still Not Achieved – by LiL Advisor Jennifer Woznesensky

Original post date – January 6, 2022
Jennifer helps dispel the various myths surrounding the persistent and very real gender pay gap. Read it in full here.


2. You’ve Got Options- by LiL Ally Roshni Veerapen

Original post date – January 10, 2022
Roshni shares a personal account of her unique career path and offers advice on how to stay open to career options when all you want to do is play it safe. Read her post here.


3. The Art of Saying “Yes” (to Success!) – by LiL Ally Erin Hatch

Original post date – February 7, 2022
Erin on how staying open and saying “yes” has paved the way to her success. Read the full post here.


4. The Judge Jackson Effect– by LiL co-founder Una Radoja

Original post date – April 14, 2022
Una discusses the importance of celebrating Ketanji Brown Jackson’s appointment to the US Surpreme Court. Read her blog here.


5. Sometimes it is Okay to Say Nothing at All – by LiL co-founder Kim Jakeman, QC

Original post date – April 21, 2022
Kim shares about her chosen response to sexist chauvinistic behaviour demonstrated during a trial which was not to say anything, at all. Read about it here.


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