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Managing the Self-Critic: Believing in Yourself is Enough

Sometimes, we are fortunate enough to have people close to us who believe in us and who support us unconditionally in achieving our greatest goals. But that is not always the case. This profession is notoriously challenging no matter what level of experience. The hours are long, clients depend on you, your colleagues depend on you, and you are constantly pulled in different directions having to readjust priorities and swiftly and efficiently resolve conflicts all at once. Not to mention home life responsibilities. It is no surprise that the burnout rate is high. In this line of work, it is important, and arguably essential, to have the right support systems in place. Support can come from family, friends, colleagues, or mentors. And when these sources of support appear to be lacking, we always have ourselves. When it comes to believing… more

Let Them

Dear LiL: Given a recent negative experience of facing dismissive attitudes from opposing counsel during negotiations, how can I assert myself more effectively in professional settings without being perceived as overly aggressive or confrontational?   There is a growing movement in the wellness space to embrace the “LET THEM” theory.  It is a reminder to choose your battles in a world where there can be so very many battles.  Is someone underestimating your level of intelligence? LET THEM.  Is someone talking negatively about you for striving to obtain your goals? LET THEM.   If you are not inspired to respect a person for their values, goals and behavior, then that person’s view of you should be of no concern to you. It is a lovely notion for bringing inner peace.  But, like anything in life, it requires context. As a lawyer,… more

Tips from Taylor – How to Apply “The Taylor Swift Effect” to your Professional Life

Admittedly, I am not Taylor Swift’s biggest fan, nor am I an NFL die-hard. But, like many of you, I tuned into the Super Bowl back in February – eagerly watching her reactions from the VIP suite. And I couldn’t help but ask myself, why? Regardless of my own personal feelings about Taylor Swift, there is no argument that she seems to have the whole world in the palm of her hand. In the landscape of contemporary pop culture, few figures have wielded as much influence over the discourse of female empowerment as Taylor Swift. Through her music and actions, she has catalyzed what many have come to call “The Taylor Swift Effect” – a phenomenon that inspires women to assert their voices, pursue their dreams, and challenge societal norms. This got me thinking – how can we apply “The… more

Empowering Women in Law: The Essential Role of Mentorship and Peer Support

In the legal profession, where gender disparities persist, mentorship and peer support emerge as indispensable tools for empowering women and fostering their career growth. These programs not only provide guidance and support but also facilitate access to opportunities and advocate for women’s advancement in a traditionally male-dominated field. In this post I aim to explore the significance of mentorship and peer support specifically within the context of women in law and offer guidance for both mentors and mentees. Additionally, I wish to highlight the impactful Women’s Lawyer Forum Mentorship Program by the Canadian Bar Association of British Columbia (CBABC WLF), which has been fostering relationships among women lawyers in BC for years.   The Importance of Mentorship and Peer Support in Law 1. Navigating a Complex Landscape: Women in law often face unique challenges, including gender bias, unequal opportunities for… more

Men, I Implore You, Please Mentor Women

Having good mentorship can make a world of a difference to a professional’s career trajectory. I have experienced this personally and have no doubt that without the men and women who have taken an interest in my career development, I would not be as successful as I am today. Indeed, mentors help mentees navigate their challenging careers and, in turn, stick with them. Mentors, also, often turn into sponsors, who advocate for their mentees to achieve career milestones. They ensure their mentees are given career opportunities and they defend them at the leadership table. While there have been a few male professionals who have invaluably contributed to my development as a lawyer, I often felt my male colleagues’ discomfort with mentoring me. While these male colleagues might take my male peers out for golf or a beer, I sensed a… more


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