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The format of our Blog is unique. It was created as a place to ask questions and to read real-life stories to learn and grow from. Our advisors have a wonderful mix of experience and are eager to share their insights on the issues women in the profession face and the topics many do not feel comfortable broaching. Step into our Blog and learn how to enhance your career and personal – and professional – lives.

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Feel Like a Fake?

If you are in your first few years of practice like me, I bet you’ve already been given the spiel: “Don’t quit in the first five years. It gets better”. I used to hear this all the time when I was an articling student and I always thought people were over exaggerating. What’s so hard about this – isn’t it just a job? Nothing can be worse than the LSAT, I am sure I will be fine. more

Another Positive Change

In a change that has been a long time coming, both the Supreme Court and Court of Appeal have abandoned the antiquated practice of requiring members of the bar to address justices as “my lady”, “my lord”, “your ladyship” or “your lordship”. This harmonizes the courts with both the Federal court and the Supreme Court of Canada who abandoned these titles long ago. more

Diversity and the Supreme Court of Canada

It is a fact, universally acknowledged, that appearing before the Supreme Court of Canada is a great honour and achievement for any litigator. It is also a fact, until recently universally ignored, that by and large this honour is bestowed on men. In 2020, only 28% of counsel appearing before the country’s highest court were women. more

Learning From Those You Teach: Tips for Working with Junior Lawyers

Kim Jakeman recently wrote about reverse learning in her blog post “How to become a better lawyer by learning from those you teach” (you can read it here). Inspired by that post, I surveyed junior associates and asked them for their insights into “what makes a good senior”. more

Why Are We Leaving And Can We Turn the Exodus Around?

I recently had the pleasure of joining the Women in Law Leadership Forum Panel. Sitting on the panel with me was Linda Chanow, co-author of the study entitled “In Their Own Words – Experienced Women Lawyers Explain Why They Are Leaving Their Law Firms and Their Profession”. You may also want to check out the previous report “Walking Out the Door”. I owe a debt of gratitude to Linda and her co-author Joyce Sterling for researching and publishing on this subject so near and dear to me and Life in Law. more


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