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LiL Round Up – Our Top 5 Blog Posts from May-August 2021!

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We are excited to kick off our new “LiL Round Up” series – bringing together our top 5 Life in Law Blog posts from the past four months. Check out our full list of posts below:

1. The Non Mat Leave, Mat Leave – by LiL co-founder, Una Radoja

Original post date – May 13, 2021
Una shares tips and tricks that allowed her to make the transition back to work a smooth one. Read it here.

2. “Dear LiL – I have to argue my first chambers application next week and I am really, really nervous. How did you overcome nerves at your first court appearance, and do you have any suggestions for success?” Signed ~ Nervous Nelly – Answered by LiL Ally, Mollie Clark

Original post date – May 17, 2021
Mollie advises on how to break down those nerves into manageable pieces. Read her original post here.

3. An Introduction to the LiL Articling Student Life Initiative – by LiL Ally, Emilie LeDuc

Original post date – April 19, 2021
Emilie discusses how best to navigate the transition between the life of a law student and that of a new associate. Read her introduction to LiL Articling Student Life here.

4. “Dear LiL: I will be starting my articles soon and I am very nervous. I don’t know what to expect. Do you have any advice for me starting my articles at the tail-end of the pandemic?” Signed ~ Searching for Guidance – answered by LiL Ally, Karina Alibha

Original post date – June 7, 2021
Karina explains how she made articling during a pandemic work for her, and how you can too. Read her response here.

5. Pressing “Pause” on a Life in Law: Will Your Career Recover (And Do You Care?) – by LiL Guest Blogger, Suzannah Denholm

Original post date – July 22, 2021
Suzannah offers valuable insight on pressing the pause button on her legal career and shares the honest reality of that decision. Read her post here.

The Dear LiL Blog is user-driven and we post about topics that matter the most to women in the legal community. Remember, if you have a question for the Life in Law team you can reach out by phone or via chat on our website. You can also submit your questions anonymously through the Dear LiL Blog here. We want to hear from you!

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