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LiL Round Up – Our Top 5 Blog Posts from September-December 2021!

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Happy New Year everyone! We can’t think of a better way to honor the past than with our second LiL Round Up; a compilation of our top 5 Life in Law Blog posts from the past four months. Check out our full list of posts below:

“Dear LiL: Are you enjoying your Sunday or is the anxiety about returning to work on Monday building?” Signed ~ The Sunday Scaries – answered by Lindsay Johnston

Original post date – September 9, 2021
Lindsay gives advice on how to manage the dread that can creep in prior to a stressful work week. Read her response here.

2. On Being a Woman, a Lawyer, and a Leader – by LiL co-founder, Kim Jakeman, QC

Original post date – October 7, 2021
Kim discusses her own experiences of being a woman, a lawyer, and a leader, while offering hope to all women who deserve a seat at the table. Read her post here.


3. Gender Discrimination in Leadership Positions: When one of us loses, we all lose – by LiL co-founder, Una Radoja

Original post date – October 21, 2021
Una reflects on the real-life story of Dr. Irene Cybulsky, a highly accomplished cardiac surgeon in Canada who despite holding a leadership position has been held down by blatant gender discrimination. Read the full post here.


4. “Dear LiL: Does my previous experience hold any value to my future legal career and how can I use this to my advantage?” Signed ~ Change of Heart – answered by LiL Ally, Deanna Froese

Original post date – November 1, 2021
Deanna shares her own story of shifting careers and encourages others to see the value of having diverse past work experience. Read her contribution to LiL Articling Student Life here.


5. Learning From Those You Teach: Tips for Working with Junior Lawyers – by LiL Ally, Emilie LeDuc

Original post date – November 15, 2021
Emily shares insights from junior associates on how senior lawyers can do better as teachers and mentors. Read her response here.


The Dear LiL Blog is user-driven and we post about topics that matter the most to women in the legal community. Remember, if you have a question for the Life in Law team you can reach out by phone or via chat on our website. You can also submit your questions anonymously through the Dear LiL Blog here. We want to hear from you!

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