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The format of our Blog is unique. It was created as a place to ask questions and to read real-life stories to learn and grow from. Our advisors have a wonderful mix of experience and are eager to share their insights on the issues women in the profession face and the topics many do not feel comfortable broaching. Step into our Blog and learn how to enhance your career and personal – and professional – lives.

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Breaking the Glass Ceiling: Inspiring Stories of Women Leaders

This is the first of my series where I share success stories of women who have shattered glass ceilings in various industries. The purpose of this series is the highlight their journey, challenges they overcame, and impact they have had on paving the way for other women in the work place.  Justice Rosalie Abella Many Canadians outside of the legal industry may not know, but the former Canadian Supreme Court Justice Abella has led the way on many major decisions that impact our lives, especially those of us in marginalized communities. Justice Abella is a legal icon and equal rights champion. Here’s a little bit more about her story. Justice Abella was born in a displaced persons camp in 1946 following the Holocaust. She immigrated to Canada as a refugee just before she turned four. She attended the University of… more

I Never Learned to Duck

“I never learned to duck.” The judge said it himself, late into our emergency Zoom hearing before him. My submissions had relaxed into a thinking-caps-on, professional back-and-forth, spit-balling the various legal pathways that could lead to a practical, badly needed outcome to the chaotic situation that had unfolded over the prior week. We had luckily hit the sweet spot between (a) moving fast enough to get a court order in time for a key transaction to close on schedule and (b) leaving enough time for the evidence to settle into facts, rather than an ever-moving target of changes and new complications. This doesn’t always happen: sometimes we are propelled before a judge before cooler heads prevail, and sometimes we come in hot and the court disagrees and would prefer that we all head back outside and find a way through… more

Life in Law Ask Us Anything Panel: Client Development and Retention Strategies

We hope you were able to join us for our recent Ask Us Anything panel discussion, held on Wednesday, February 7. During the session, our panelists delved into strategies for client development and retention, addressing questions submitted by you both before and during the event itself. Our panel consisted of key members from our LiL team, including Co-founders Kim Jakeman, KC, and Una Radoja, alongside Alysia Christiaen, Jennifer Hunter, and Rose Keith, KC. If you missed the live discussion, don’t worry – you can access the recorded session below. We appreciate your participation in this event, and extend our gratitude to our panelists for sharing their valuable insights on various topics. We are all looking forward to the next panel and will keep you posted on upcoming events! more

The English Conundrum

Ever feel like speaking English is like walking on a tightrope? Or perhaps akin to constantly learning to dance in a foreign rhythm? I do, sometimes. For those of us who aren’t native English speakers, each day may feel like being handed a complex dance routine to learn from scratch. More so in a professional setting, where every word, expression, and cultural nuance is a step with a strict rule, and the fear of stumbling is always there beneath the surface. If that isn’t enough, add juggling the art of code-switching to the routine, this isn’t just switching languages but also tweaking accents and behaviors to fit in with the dominant crowd.   Reflections Reflecting on my arrival in Calgary from Zimbabwe 14 years ago, the subtle loss of my ability to navigate conversations in my native tongue beyond the… more

Friends Don’t Let Friends Skip Brain Day – Why You Shouldn’t Neglect Your Mental Fitness

We’re no strangers to conversations about mental health. Arguably amplified by the pandemic, mental health has been a topic at virtually every conference or educational that I’ve been to over the past five years. While we can all agree that mental health is important, I recently became acquainted with another concept – the idea of mental fitness. These two concepts, mental health and mental fitness, while related, address different aspects of our psychological well-being. While mental health focuses on the overall well-being of our minds, mental fitness is the concept of actively and intentionally working to improve and maintain your mind’s capabilities. It’s similar to physical fitness, but for your brain. Mental fitness involves working to build mental strength, resilience, and agility, and can include: Cognitive flexibility the ability to adapt to new information and circumstances, Emotional intelligence recognizing, understanding,… more


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