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The format of our Blog is unique. It was created as a place to ask questions and to read real-life stories to learn and grow from. Our advisors have a wonderful mix of experience and are eager to share their insights on the issues women in the profession face and the topics many do not feel comfortable broaching. Step into our Blog and learn how to enhance your career and personal – and professional – lives.

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Life in Law Advisor Spotlight – This is Lindsay Johnston

“My one piece of advice to up and coming lawyers is to know that they are not alone. The issue(s) that they are faced with, or concerned about are likely issues that others have already experienced, and we are here to share what has worked, what has not worked (for us), and to discuss other possibilities. I volunteer as an Advisor because I want to share my experiences in the hope of helping someone else and to encourage and foster all of us to “lean in”. -Lindsay Johnston, Life in Law Advisor and Associate at Harper Grey LLP The Life in Law team is made up of a diverse group of Harper Grey women lawyers who volunteer their time as advisors on a weekly basis answering phone calls, monitoring the live chat on our website and responding to questions through… more

Dear LiL – How can you succeed in the practice of law while trying not to compromise who you are? Signed ~ Staying True To You

Dear Staying True to You: A few months ago I was listening to a podcast called Ten Percent Happier with Dan Harris. He was interviewing Alicia Menendez, Harvard graduate, award winning journalist and author of “The Likeability Trap”1. Alicia Menendez, like most of us, has struggled to find a way to succeed without compromising who she is as a woman and a professional in what still seems to be a predominantly man’s world. She writes about her experience with success and how she has learned to navigate her career while keeping true to herself. It is a must read for those who are looking for some tools to maintain the appropriate balance between being liked by others and being true to who you are. Throughout my 30 years of practice there has been more than one instance where I felt… more

Celebrate your True Colours

Pride is widely celebrated across Canada throughout the summer. No matter where in the country these celebrations take place, at the root of it all is the recognition of LGBTQIA2S+ rights in our own cities and around the world. It is important that we continue to reflect on the progress that has yet to be made, and how we can be better advocates and create space for all members of our community. more

Guest Blogger, Pamela Meneguzzi, Senior Counsel, shares her unified theory of how women can succeed and thrive in long happy careers in law.

I have been practicing law since 1992. I worked at private law firms in Toronto and Vancouver and for the B.C. provincial and Canadian federal governments. I have had rewarding work that felt important in the moment and challenged me to solve interesting legal, practical and policy problems. I have worked on multi-disciplinary teams with accountants, entrepreneurs, medical professionals, police, scientists, educators, developers, politicians and others. Looking back, I remember clearly many outstanding women I worked with and for. What made them great? more

Want to Learn More about Uncovering Unconscious Bias?

LiL co-founder and Harper Grey partner Kim Jakeman, recently published a post to the Dear LiL blog about understanding and addressing unconscious bias. In the post, Kim references the importance of being open to learning about the biases we hold and being honest to ourselves about them. In the spirit of ongoing learning we’d like to share that the Canadian Bar Association is hosting a webinar on Wednesday, July 29 on uncovering unconscious bias with Bilingual Unconscious Bias, Diversity, Inclusion and Equity trainer, Karima Kara. Find out more information and register here. more


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